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Locally Owned For 50 Years!

Bud Dovichi started Bud’s Brake and Wheel Parts in May of 1963.

Back in those days we were a brake and alignment shop for cars and trucks. Over the years Bud noticed that a lot of customers were asking if we had or could get trailer parts like leaf springs, hubs, bearings and other accessories. So, we started stocking a few of those items for our customers. Today we have a huge supply of over 2000 different popular trailer parts and towing accessories in stock.

Need a wheel? We have almost every size and style. As little to 8″ all the way to 17.5 with every bolt pattern available.

In stock Towing Hardware! A huge supply of hitches, couplers and landing gears ranging in different capacities. 

Bud’s has everything for your axle bearings, seals, caps, lugs, studs, brakes and hubs. Pretty much everything you would possibly need!

Here at Bud’s Brake and Wheel Parts, our goal is to get you the right part as fast as possible so you can get back on the road again. We also do a variety of services like resurfacing of drums, rotors and flywheels. We do fabrication work like small machining, welding, wiring for lights and electric brakes. We basically install everything we sell and if you want to do it yourself we can guide you in the right direction.  We do a lot of axle upgrades to increase capacity so you can load more and go longer between maintenance.  We also specialize in preventive maintenance, so if you’re getting ready to take that rv trailer or boat on vacation we can make sure you don’t end up on the side of the highway.

Bud’s Brake & Wheel Parts

Trailer Supply Store

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